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  • silver & metalwork

  •    G E N E R A L

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        C E R A M I C S

    Atterbury, Paul
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        G L A S S

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        F U R N I T U R E

    Alison, Filippo
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    Aslin, Elizabeth
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        J E W E L R Y

    Bayer, Patricia, and Mark Waller
    The Art of René Lalique, London, 1988
    Becker, Vivienne
    The Jewellery of René Laligue, Exhibition Catalogue, London, 1987
    Bury, Shirley
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        L I G H T I N G

    Neustadt, Egon
    The Lamps of Tiffany, New York, 1970

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        S C U L P T U R E

    Beattie, Susan
    The New Sculpture, London, 1983
    Cooper, Jeremy
    Nineteeeth Century Romantic Bronzes, Devon, 1974
    Handley-Read, Charles
    British Sculpture, 1850-1914, London, 1968

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        S I L V E R     AND    M E T A L W O R K

    Blair, Claude
    The History of Silver, New York, 1987

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